ISO 9001:2015 - CE

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

With the new version of the standard, a High-level Standard structure has been formed in line with ISO ANNEXSL requirements. Thanks to this structure created, the same definitions and titles are included in all management system standards.

The most distinctive feature of the version is the RISK BASED approach. It is the application of risk with a systematic approach instead of dealing with it as a single component of the Quality Management System. With the risk-based approach to be applied in the Quality Management System, it is aimed to make the system proactive from reactive state, to support continuous improvement, and to replace preventive activities with risk-based approach.

CE Certification

CE Certificate is an arrangement that ensures the free movement of a product within the borders of the European Union (EU). Products with this certificate meet certain criteria and comply with the requirements of the directive in the category. CE, an abbreviation of the French expression Conformité Européenne (European compliant), is one of the first documents to be looked at when a product enters the EU countries.

One of the biggest misconceptions about CE Certificate is thinking that this document expresses a quality standard. However, the CE Certificate does not show the quality of the product, but shows that it does not contain any harmful content on subjects such as human, animal, environment and safety. The manufacturer states that the company gives a guarantee on this issue and provides the necessary conditions in terms of the material and production methods of the product. Organizations that want to have CE Certificate can get CE Certification service from accredited institutions in this regard.