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Nationalization of different technological infrastructures

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Quality Policy

As part of the quality policy, it is essential to ensure the integration of employees with the support of management in accordance with national and international standards, as well as to support continuous learning and further development through product-oriented measurement and improvement mechanisms.

Environment Policy

Conservation of natural resources and realization of energy savings,
Raising awareness and training of all our employees for the environment,
Waste reduction, proper research at the source, minimizing the environmental impact of existing waste,
All waste is only delivered to authorized companies,
Keep the impact on the environment to a minimum,
The fulfillment of environmental protection obligations in accordance with national legislation and international standards. 

Employee Health And Safety Policy

Definition of a proactive occupational health and safety concept,
Periodic review of the dangers and risks of activities,
Support of safe and healthy behavior in the corporate culture,
Development and implementation of effective management systems to identify, minimize and deal with health and safety risks in the workplace,
Providing the necessary training and information for all employees to work safely and appropriately,
Taking the necessary measures to reduce or eliminate accidents and injuries in the workplace,
Providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees, suppliers and visitors,
It is the fulfillment of obligations regarding employee health and safety in accordance with national legislation and international standards.