SUNBRIGHT Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet 

Gunes Polikarbon, multi-walled polycarbonate sheets have a very wide range of sizes and wall structures, ranging from a 4 mm thick double-walled structure to a 14 and 16 mm thick 3-walled complex structure.

Polycarbonate sheets  are one of the most special innovations that are a product solution of the new generation of the construction industry. Thanks to its advantages, compared to other products in its class, it offers significantly more durable, more aesthetic and simpler application options for exterior construction and roof lighting applications. In addition, it is preferred with its affordable prices and long lifespan.

Sunbright multi-walled polycarbonate sheets offer high light transmission, high thermal insulation and resistance, UV coating, robust but light, high impact strength, flame retardant and very economical design.

Thickness: 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 14 -16  mm                                                                                                                  
Standart Measurements: 2100×6000, 2100×12000 mm
Colors: Transparent, Opal, White, Bronze, Blue, Green, Gray                  


Product Technical Properties


Sheet Thickness and Thickness Tolerances


Minimum Bending Radius                                                                    Thermal Transmittance



Color Transmittance